Meet Portia


I am absolutely thrilled to share some of the most important aspects of my life. Currently pursuing my MBA, working in HR, blogging and now a busy dog mom of a wonderful Lab mix, there is one thing I consider my top priority – being well. Cooking is my stress reliever turned hobby. I spend a lot of time on my couch and to be honest, I would watch TV all day if I could. I cannot say I am a newbie in the fitness world, however I certainly am not an expert. I enjoy long hikes, jogging, dancing and strength-training. Since I hit the mid-twenties, beauty and skin/hair care is now added to my list priorities. Being an introvert, I tend to be an uptight awkward turtle at social events and only have a handful of close friends. Give me sometime to warm up to you, and you’ll find out I’m really a nutcase.